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Goals, intentions, wishes, dream, plans….. we all have them and the New Year is a great time to really get down to ground zero to brainstorm what you want more of in your life (and less of too).

Over the years I’ve found if I make rules or boundaries on myself I always break them and then becomes the inevitable guilt that you have failed. Good habits are hard to make and bad habits are even harder to break.

A while ago I decided to make more and less lists, it came from touching upon Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map, which I didnt quite get into or complete, but found her ethos around creating moments that represent the ‘feeling’ you want to feel.

So every now and then (it doesn’t have to be a specific time of year, but I tend to get prompted around the end of the year and again around my birthday in August) to reflect and re group and see if life is giving me what I need.



1. Veggies: raw, steamed, roasted – I don’t care how they come I want to eat a more plant based diet. Plants make me happy.

2. Routine, but only when I want one! – A contradiction in terms, but I want to find a nice little routine for me and my new bub. Enough space to bond and stare at each other, but with plenty of time left to provide for the rest of the family. I know this one will be tricky.

3. Outdoors – we have an amazing garden, but I don’t get out there enough.

4. Afternoon teas – one of my favourite things.

5. In real life friendships. Wanna meet up?

6. Body Movement – I’m aching for this one, at 9 months pregnant it’s hard to move in any way.

7. Skin Care – I need to up my game with regular cleansing and SPF protection

8. Essential oils – I want to build my collection in 2015.

9. Blogging – so many ideas and plans, I want to implement for 2015 for Thermomama.

10. Self love and patience – I’m going to need it with a newborn and adapting to life as a family of four. It’s going to OK.




1. Time Online: Kinda gets tricky with number 9 above, but making each moment count. I’ve been on a personal Facebook break for a few weeks now, just checking in at Christmas to see all the family photo’s and its been a good way to break the habit. I also deleted the app from my phone and now just use the laptop at night when the kid is in bed. Next up is how to stay off Instagram 🙂

2. Self Doubt: Every Mama is trying their best and It’s all we can do. I have serious moments of self doubt when it comes to being a parent, but really (surely) I have everything I need to raise a child…

3. Keeping Score: Mama’s tell me we all do this with our hubby’s? It’s not a competition, its not a race. He’s is trying just as hard as I am.

4. Stuff: just less stuff please. All the stuff we don’t need the $2 treat toys. Let’s make it count and play with the stuff we have and just cut up old magazines and use Papa’s shirts as dress up’s shall we?

5. Food Waste: Like above I want to compost, worm farm, eat leftovers and only buy what we need.

6. Putting Myself 2nd, 3rd or 4th: this Mama needs her time alone to be able to love you all even more.

7. TV: and more good books

8. Being Unprepared: Lunchbox planning, meal planning, birthday card buying to the max.


I would love for you to share your more or less lists in the comments or use the #moreless2015 on Instagram. (I’ll only be on there occasionally, promise)





by Fleur Thermomama

One thought on “More & Less for 2015

  1. Tara says:

    OOOh love your lists! Especially the ‘less stuff.’ I can never seem to go past buying the latest food product on the market, and have accumulated a pantry of strange ingredients which I have only ever used once. Back to the basics for 2015!

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