Hey there lovely…

My name is Fleur and I believe it’s damn hard to constantly choose to live a healthy lifestyle! Don’t cha think?

Everywhere we look there is temptation or guilt – what we’re eating, what our kids are eating, what we shouldn’t be eating, what we SHOULD be eating. Mixed messaged are getting louder and louder and it’s really time to calm the F**K down.

If you were here right now, I tell you to pop the kettle on and that in my little nest we do really care about how we nourish ourselves everyday – through the food we eat, the words we use, the hugs and kisses we share, and the space we live in. I like to think that all the seemingly small things make a difference. But you only get out what you put in. So eat crap – feel crap, spill out anger and hurt and it will come flooding back to you.

I’m here to help with no fuss, healthy, Thermomix recipes to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Need more sugar free treats for kids?… they’re coming.

Can’t make head nor tail of a green smoothie? I’m ya girl.

Step by step, we’ll walk through ways to make your weekly meal planning healthy, more veggified and with less time in the kitchen.

For the record I’m an occasional meat eating, veggie loving, gluten-free, green smoothie addict.

I’ve always been one for trying to tweak recipes to make them healthier – sugar alternatives, gluten-free, kid-friendly. It’s just so much easier with the Thermomix.

I know it’s not always easy to eat the ‘perfect diet’ (hot tip: it doesn’t exist anyway) but each day we can make a choice to nourish our bodies with the food it needs to reach its fullest potential, tell our friends nice words, surround ourselves with beautiful things and look for the beauty that is Mother Nature (she’s the bomb diggity)

Now when it comes to food I’m not talking about ‘diets’, I’m talking about having a healthy relationship with food. All too often we can get caught up in the micro management of meals. I like to take a look at our food over a week. Too much sugar at Aunty Mary’s on Sunday as her too good chocolate cake really was too good to refuse? That’s cool, maybe we won’t have dessert on Monday and Tuesday. It’s not about denying your body, it’s about having an awareness over what you eat and how that makes you feel.

I’m driven to learn – I’m not a nutritionist, a dietician or will ever claim to know about it all, but I do know what works for my body. I found that out by being aware of what I ate and how it affected me, and I encourage you to do the same. No matter what I learn along the way, I definitely don’t preach that my way is the best way  – it works for me, and you should go forth and create your own feel good food manifesto!

Since I was introduced to the Thermomix, I was fascinated – to be honest it sounded too good to be true and ridiculously expensive at the same time. The crunch came when my hubby had various gut problems, and cooking for his intolerances made me take a step back and actually analyse what was in our food. I needed fresh, healthy food – FAST!

Thank you to all of you gorgeous things for joining me on this journey, if you want to stay in touch, just enter your email address below.

Love Fleur


Fleur is Mama to one delightful four-year-old and wife to a musician. Originally from the UK they are now shacked up in their beach house in Noosa with Tilly the dog. Fleur has worked in online marketing for the past few years and has brought her creative and technical skills to spread the message of living a simply nourishing lifestyle to Thermomama. A self-confessed softie, she likes rom-coms, nice fonts, smoothies and browsing Down That Little Lane…